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David Lyttleton

Do bears...I've lost count of the amount of times I've asked this guy to produce work for me. I first used him when I started on Internet Works about eight years ago. Back then David sent his work through by post. It was great getting such a big package from the postie because in those days David did everything on artboard using acrylics. Yes, a real painting that we had to get scanned. Since then David has made the transition to digital since all us designers want everything yesterday and delivered direct to our email inbox. This mini gallery shows some of the work that David is capable of (though it seems a bit out of date!). His work is instantly recognisable. Though it becomes fairly obvious that David doesn't really like websites, which is a shame, as it stops people like me pointing in his direction and saying, "That's him, that's the one you want". Hopefully someone will drag him into this century and introduce him to the shinyweb. Anyway, he's still producing brilliant artwork for me today - there are some people you can always rely on.
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